Week 3: Harvest Update

Goals for Photo Submissions

To encourage more hunters to submit trail camera photos of our tagged and collared deer, we will add additional information to our updates as we get more participation.  Please encourage your friends to submit photos on the photo submission site so we can start sharing our information with everyone.

10 Submitters – Demographic data including sex and age distributions. DMAP usage statistics.

15 Submitters – Antler information; Maps of harvest distribution and effort.

20 Submitters – Rut information: we have all of our reproductive data that yield exact peak rut info for the site.

25 Submitters – Full map of population distribution from the survey completed in March 2017.

Through 10/17/2017

  • 6 Deer Harvested this Week
  • 35 Total Deer Harvested this Fall
  • 1 Tagged Deer Harvested this Week
  • 11 Total Tagged Deer Harvested this Week

Week 2: Harvest Update

Introducing New Hunter Forums

The forums will allow hunters to report deer that were shot and have lost blood trails.  This will help limit wasted deer.  There are other topics available as well to connect hunters in the area.

Submit Photos of Tagged Deer to the Study

It is essential that we have help from the community submitting trail camera photos of tagged, collared, and ripped-ear deer.  If you or anyone you know have any please go to photo submission to submit these photos for our spatial database.  We have 2 hunters submitting so far and there are many more hunters with trail cameras deployed.

Through 10/10/2017

  • 7 Deer Harvested this Week
  • 29 Total Deer Harvested this Fall
  • 2 Tagged Deer Harvested this Week
  • 10 Total Tagged Deer Harvested this Fall