Report a Tagged/Collared Deer

Please enter as much and as detailed information as you can on the location of tagged and/or collared deer. If you have multiple deer sightings to report please submit the form for the first, refresh your page, submit the next, and repeat as necessary.

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Please click on the marker point in the upper right corner and then click on the map where the deer was seen. Use the glove to move around the map and if you click on a mark that you placed with the glove, you can move it if it was placed in the wrong spot.

If you are on a mobile device you may have to rotate your device to see the glove and point selector in the upper-right corner to complete the map.

Did you see ear tags, if yes what kind? *Required*
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If you could read the ear tag, what was the number?

What were the colors of the deer's ear tags. *Required*
(Ex. If the deer is looking at you its left ear tag will be on your right. In the image the left ear tag is blue and the right ear tag is yellow.)
Left Ear
Right Ear

Did you see a collar on the deer? *Required*
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What kind of collar if yes? *Required*
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If you have a photo from a camera/smartphone or from a trail camera, please upload the photo. This will be used for data entry only.

List any notes you feel might be relevant about the sighting including: how many deer were together, weather(raining, snowing, injuries, etc.),