Community Deer Tissue Collection

Please Submit a Deer Tissue Sample to the Fort Drum Deer Study

Since 2015, Fort Drum Natural Resources and Cornell University have collaborated on an extensive white-tailed deer study focusing on North Country deer. There have been more than 500 deer captured and radio-tracked as part of this research. One of the areas that has become of particular focus is on dispersal and movement across the landscape.  Many deer have dispersed beyond 10 miles, and more than a dozen have gone >30 miles from Fort Drum, including into Canada.

In 2020, we are embarking on a broad landscape genetic study, to learn about connectivity of the deer in the area.  We already have approximately 1000 samples from the Fort Drum cantonment area, but we need to collect samples from deer harvested in the training area and the surrounding community. 

We are requesting hunters submit tissue samples from deer harvested within 50 miles of Fort Drum including deer harvested in the Fort Drum Training Area.

You can submit your sample in person 24 hrs/day at the permit office deer check station off of Hwy 26 near the Fort Drum airfield. This is the best option and ensures a high quality genetic sample and is required for deer harvested within the cantonment area.

For those unable to drop off a sample in person you can mail us a sample following these instructions:

  1. Cut a small, thin piece of muscle (tongue or abdominal tissue work well) and put in a paper envelope. Do not put the sample in a plastic bag.
  2. Write on the envelope your last name, harvest date, and sex.
  3. Put the tissue containing envelope in another envelope and mail to: Martin Feehan, 111 Fernow Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853
  4. Register the harvest on this site with matching information

We have prepaid and addressed envelope kits available at Millers Meats. If you would like us to send one to you or if you would like us to drop off kits at a specific deer processor please send an email with the address and contact info to Martin Feehan at [email protected]