Our Team

Paul Curtis and Martin Feehan
Martin and Dr. Curtis

Paul Curtis

Associate Professor and Project Principal Investigator

Dr. Paul Curtis serves as Extension Wildlife Specialist in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University. He has coordinated the Wildlife Damage Management Program during the past 26 years. His applied research and extension programs have focused on reducing human-wildlife conflicts in agricultural and suburban landscapes. His work includes community-based wildlife management issues and public policy education.


Martin measuring a fawn

Martin Feehan

Doctoral Candidate

Martin Feehan is a PhD candidate at Cornell University and the primary researcher in the field at Fort Drum and leads our project staff and public outreach efforts.  He is the primary contact for inquiries about the project and is available for questions.  He is a graduate from University of Wisconsin – Madison with a degree in wildlife ecology and evolutionary biology.  Along with other deer projects, Martin has worked on black bear stable isotope research in Wisconsin, Piping Plover research for the USGS in Montana, and grizzly bear research in Canada for the University of Alberta.  In his time at Fort Drum he has captured more than 500 deer so far.

Our project could not be done without the help of our wildlife technicians and our many volunteers including soldiers, military families, and community members.